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SMART Directory FAQ’S

A SMART Directory is a super advanced “Renter managed” Directory. Renters can log in to the SMART Directory portal and manage their own directory listing WITHOUT ever logging into the Salon website. SMART Directory also has a “shuffle feature” that randomly shuffles the entire directory every time a new site visitor enters the page, so that no one salon professional is stuck at the bottom or in the middle of the directory. Creating equal opportunities for all. 

SMART Directory is implemented by a simple external link (URL) that we provide you once you’ve signed up. You can embed the link in your menu button or create a QR code and use it throughout your salon facility. SMART Directory is also Multi-Location Friendly. 

No, not ever. SMART Directory is an external portal that you link to your website. In most cases, this will replace your current “salon pro page.”

Tenants can create login credentials and access the SMART Directory portal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to upload content such as images, videos, and also adjust contact information and social media links. 


Yes. There is no SMART Directory branding within your SMART Directory. 


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