SMART Directory Is The Future Of “Salon Pro” Pages

SMART Directory Shuffles RentersExcites RentersHas Built-In BookingHas Built-In OffersHas Digital FrameIs Google OptimizedRetains RentersIs Renter MangedIs QR Codable

All-In-One SMART Directory Tool That Impresses And Retains Salon Renters

Renter Managed

As an owner, managing the directory can be a hassle at times. SMART Directory is 100% renter managed and easy to use

Built-In Booking

Impress Renters today with Built-in Booking or tenants can connect their own appointment scheduler

Built-In Deal Coupons

Salons often want to offer deals to capture more clients, allow them this capability with built-in deal coupons

Built-In Digital Frame

Renters can impress Service Customers with our advanced built-in Digital Photo Frame

Auto-Shuffles Renters

With SMART Directory’s Auto-Shuffle feature, no service providers are stuck at the bottom or in the middle of the directory

GOOGLE Search Option

Your SMART Directory comes with a Google placement option for each salon professional who needs more clients


BOOST Your Offer Value By 1000% And Take Your “Rental Spaces” To The Next Level

Rental space owners can now have the vital tools and resources they need to fill their spaces in 2023. 

As Low As

$39 A Month!


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Key Features

Never Lose To The Competitors Again By Equipping Your Salon Renters With Everything That Matters

Built-In Bookings

Deal Coupons w/timer

Digital Photo Frame

Google Search


Integrate Booking

100% Tenant Managed Directory

Explore The SMART Directory+ Features

Setup In Less Than 5 Clicks

Salon Pros Can Set Up A Super Modern Pro Page In Less Than 5 Clicks

Bookings or BYO-Booking

Salon Pros Can Set Up Booking Requests Easily And Effortlessly For Service Clients

Discounts/Deal Coupons

Salon Pros That Have Specials And Need More Clients, We Have Them Covered!

Digital Photo Frame

A Built-In Digital Photo Frame Is The Perfect Feature For Showcasing Skills

Why SMART Directory?

Endless Possibilities

Get SMART Directory+ today and give the GIFT OF OPPORTUNITY! 


General Questions

Have Questions About Our Services? Get Answers To Our Most Common Questions Below. 

SMART Directory+ FAQ’S

A SMART Directory is a super advanced “renter managed” Directory. Renters can log in to the SMART Directory portal and manage their own directory listing WITHOUT ever logging into the Salon Suite website. SMART Directory also has a “shuffle feature” that randomly shuffles the entire directory every time a new site visitor enters the page, so that no one salon professional is stuck at the bottom or in the middle of the directory. Creating equal opportunities for all. 

SMART Directory is implemented by a simple external link (URL) that we provide you once you’ve signed up. You can embed the link in your menu button or create a QR code and use it throughout your salon facility. SMART Directory is also Multi-Location Friendly. 

No, not ever. SMART Directory is an external portal that you link to your website. In most cases, this will replace your current “salon pro page.”

Tenants can create login credentials and access the SMART Directory portal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to upload content such as images, videos, and also adjust contact information and social media links. 


Yes. There is no SMART Directory branding within your SMART Directory. 

Member Feedback

Our Reviews

SMART Directory is a HUGE increase in value to each salon suite. Salon renters don’t always have a marketing budget.

    Sean B.

    Suite Landlord-Owner

    My value has skyrocketed with the help of this service. Great addition to my booking feature.

      Miya H.


      I absolutely love this directory tool. The features are amazing and the pages look incredible.

        David G.

        Suite Manager & Stylist

        Simple, Affordable Plan

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        SMART Directory+

        As low as $39/mo

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        At SMART Directory, keeping a strong focus on everyone’s budget is one of our top priorities. JOIN TODAY!


        All-In-One SMART Directory Tool That Impresses And Retains Salon Renters


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